Forney Family Self Defense uses traditional and modern forms of martial arts to teach our students to be mentally and physically tough.  Our Traditional Martial Arts program uses a practical application approach to teach self-defense techniques applicable to real world situations.  More importantly this program teaches valuble life skills such as perseverance, disipline, respect and courage.  For ages 5 and up, we offer Traditional Martial Arts lessons in our After-School Pickup program or evening classes.

For our older students our Krav Maga program offers an even deeper understanding of self-defense by combining PPCT (Pressure Point Control Tactics), Joint Locks, weapons training and kick boxing.  Other topics include use of force and deadly force, situational awareness and police interaction after a self-defense incident.  To help our students or other family members maintain higher levels of fitness we also offer Combat Fitness Program which utilizes HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).  Our combat fitness Program has helped many students and parents with weight lose, flexability, balance and cardio health as well as stress relief.  

Additionally, we provide basic pistol and rifle training classes, advanced tactical firearms training and Texas License to Carry Classes (TX LTC). With over 20 years over experience training with professional shooters, special forces operators and SWAT team members we offer our students of all levels of experience way to inprove thier shooting skills and knowelge base.  

Head Instructor 

Tony Virgalitte earned his 5th Degree Black Belt after years of refining his martial arts. He started training in 1990 and by 1995, he was teaching as a Junior Instructor Trainee. Then in 1997, he moved to Poland, OH where he taught and trained students at the ATA Black Belt Academy. 

After gaining acceptance to Kent State University, Virgalitte suspended his martial arts instruction to focus on his academic career. He graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Conservation Science. Then in 2006, he returned to martial arts, working under Chief Master Ramsey Cross and Master Gary Betts at the ATA school in Aurora, CO. He proceeded to earn his 3rd degree Black Belt in 2009 and he became a Level 3 Certified Instructor in 2012.

Virgalitte successfully started his own ATA school in Sidney, NE. From 2010 to 2015, he successfully ran the Sidney location before moving to Dallas, TX. He is currently the Head Instructor of Forney Family Self Defense in Forney, TX. 

During his time in both Nebraska and Texas, he was expanding his expertise to include Firearms Instruction. He earned his qualifications through training with several different Military Special Operation groups and Law Enforcement Agencies.

Tony Virgalitte
Tony Virgalitte

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