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Even in the world of constitutional carry, simply carrying a firearm DOES NOT guarantee your safety. When handling firearms, safe & professional training is essential to avoid injury and increase your chances of surviving a life-threatening situation. We provide quality instruction for beginners needing basic firearms instruction too advanced tactical training on pistols and rifles.  Drawing on almost 20 years of training with some of the best military and law enforcement operators in the country our firearms program can help you achieve your desired level of proficiency with whatever weapon system you choose. 

Our Dry-Fire Program is designed to help beginner and intermediate students build muscle memory of firearms handling techniques that will increase their accuracy, speed and confidence.  Using the same body mechanics taught by Military Special Operations Units; students learn topics such as recoil management, moving while shooting, alternate shooting positions, combat reloading and malfunction drills.  Also included in this program is a monthly visit to an outdoor live fire maneuver range where students are evaluated on their progress.

Our flexible schedule allows for private or small group training week days or weekends in 1hr or 2hr blocks.  We offer basic introduction classes for pistol and rifle, Texas LTC (Licnense to Carry), NRA Basics of pistol or rifle classes and advanced tactical classes.  Too accomidate all our students training needs Forney Family Self Denfese has partnered with North East Texas Tactical (NETT), located about 15 minutes away in Terrell, TX.  NETT offers tactical pistol bays, a 100-yard rifle range, 300-yard rim fire range and a 1-mile rifle range. 

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