The first rule of Krav Maga is...There are no rules in Krav Maga.

Krav Maga, which was originally created for the Israeli military, combines elements of boxing, wrestling, karate and judo among other styles of martial arts into an extremely practical and effective form of self-defense. 


Our Krav program is divided into 4 sections: self-defense techniques, combative techniques, weapons defense & application and PPCT (pressure point control tactics).  The goal of our Krav program is to give adults of all ages the ability to defend themselves effectively even when they are not in ideal physical condition. Our emphasis on proper technique, attention to detail and repetition makes this program suitable for men and women, even in their 60’s & 70’s. 

Additional topics covered in the program include different levels of force, including lethal force and the applicable situations for those levels of force.  In the world of riots, "mostly" protests and rapid increases the violent crime; our Krav Maga program will arm law abiding citizens with the tools, knowledge and confidence to stand their ground and protect themselves