Practical Application of Traditional Martial Arts

Forney Family Self Defense combines traditional martial arts originally integrated into the South Korean military and Krav Maga. We teach these combative concepts to train our kids to defend themselves with appropriate levels of force against both school-yard bullies and adults. We teach our student discipline, perserverence, respect, honor and courage as well as other life skills too show them the rewards of hard work and give them the ability to achieve their dreams. 
Our traditional program teaches kids to always strive for perfection, while remembering there is always more to learn or improve.  Our fitness tests, required each testing cycle, teach our students to push themselves beyond their physical boundaries. Helping them to achieve a higher level of flexibility and cardio fitness giving them confidence and knowledge to purse their athletic endeavors for decades to come. 
The most important lesson that our students learn is that they do not have to be athletically talented to excel at martial arts.  They must only give 100% and continue to persevere towards their goals and eventually they will succeed.

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